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About Rich Color

Utah Color is a project to raise community awareness and to promote local web development by creating a selection of web directories and calendars for select communities in the Mountain West.

The site is run by a single person. I started the project by developing directories for select towns in the Mountain West including Salt Lake, Park City, Logan and Vernal.

In the second phase of the project, I decided to take a look at the state from the top down. I bought the domain UtahColor.com and began creating subdirectories for each county, until I ran out of resources.

I hope to get back to working on the directories.


The project is self funded. To raise money, I put affiliate ads at the top of all the pages. I am happy to replace the affiliate ads. I decided to try a model where I charge a listing fee of $25. I will stop displaying the ad sometime after the hit counter for the ad crosses the 100,000 mark ... which can take several years.

Since I am dependent on the ads for money, I expand the directory according to where the ad money comes from. In other words, if someone from Rich County bought and ad, I would spend more time on this section of the site. You can examine the hit counts and order ads on the Advertising Page.

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